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About Brian Gorman

As an independent consultant, coach, mentor, instructional designer for more than four decades, Brian Gorman has spent his professional life immersed in change. He has worked with both individuals and a wide range of organizations guiding them through an array of challenges. Brian has several degrees in higher education and was trained as a coach through the International Coach Federation where he is also a member, as well as being a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance. Brian is committed to passing his “lessons learned” on to others, so that their change journeys can advance more smoothly.

Critical Skills We Rarely Think Of

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We all prepare and deliver presentations all the time. If you’re an external practitioner, this begins with marketing presentations. Whether internal or external, there are proposal presentations; planning presentations; status [...]

Boost Your Practitioner Power

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While Marcel Schwantes wrote his article for those seeking to influence their managers, (5 Things Exceptional Employees Love to Do (and Toxic Employees Hate) offers some powerful insights for how [...]

“We Have to Talk About This…”

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When was the last time you had a really tough conversation with your change sponsor? In his Psychology Today article “How to Have Difficult Conversations,” author Dan Mager addresses a [...]

It’s All About Change

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If you are a change practitioner, it is unlikely that you will actually gain many new insights from Change Happens, by Kathryn and Ross Petras. It’s not that kind of [...]

The Answer to Change Success May Be in a Story

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We tend to approach change like one of those mathematical word problems that were the bane of many high school and college students. If we can only get the logic [...]

Doing the Really Tough Stuff

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Nobody ever said that being a change practitioner would be easy. After all, change is challenge-filled, meaning that our focus is on helping our clients to navigate difficulty day in [...]

When We’re Not Afraid

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How often does fear affect how you fulfill your responsibilities as a change practitioner? Perhaps it is the mild, imperceptible, fear that you aren’t going to be able to complete [...]

How Well is Your Change Management Approach Working?

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How well is your change management approach working? When important change initiatives fail, all too often the finger gets pointed at the change practitioners for not surfacing risks early enough, [...]

Tell Them Why!

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In a newly published Harvard Business Article Don’t Just Tell Employees Organizational Changes Are Coming — Explain Why, Morgan Galbraith cites a study reporting that almost one third of the [...]

Ditch the Drama

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Some people have more of a flair for the dramatic than others. As change professionals, rarely, if ever, will drama contribute to our success. Because the major changes that we [...]