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Building Personal Impact

Tough Talk

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

It comes with the territory. As change practitioners, we don’t only get to tell our clients (whether we are working internal or external, we all have clients) what is going [...]

Teaming For Success

By |Academic Insights, Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

Amy Edmondson, the Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, draws an important distinction between teams and teaming in this TEDNYC talk. It is a distinction that we—as [...]

Meeting Magic

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Profession|

For most of us, the thought of yet another meeting elicits either a yawn or a groan. Yet when they work, meetings are highly productive in terms of both getting [...]

Radical Transparency

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Profession|

Leadership may be positional, but true leadership is about how you show up. As a change practitioner, you may lead a change team, or you may not. Either way, bringing [...]

Should Change Practitioners Apply Scientific Thinking?

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

In Want to Survive in the Future of Work? Practice Scientific Thinking, author Moiya Mactier begins by identifying questions that are common to tech, finance, and consulting companies: “Ever had [...]

Lessons from Leadership Neuroscience

By |Building Personal Impact, Tools & Methodologies|

The 4 Brain Superpowers You Need to Be a Successful Leader, According to Neuroscience by Leigh Buchanan may be written for leaders, but its lessons are important for us as [...]

Beware of Change Management Stars!

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Profession|

TED presenter Margaret Heffernan challenges the corporate focus on star employees who outperform their peers. In Why It’s Important to Forget the Pecking Oder at Work, “Super-performers” don’t raise the [...]

More No. Less Yes.

By |Books, Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Tools & Methodologies|

Author Greg McKeown makes a habit of saying “No.” In Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, McKeown lays out a sound rationale for saying “Yes” less, and for focusing our [...]

Is “Holding Space” in Your Change Toolkit?

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Tools & Methodologies|

As Lynn Hauka, the author of The Sweetness of Holding Space for Another says, holding space is something that each of us is capable of, and something that each of [...]

What Does The Trust Meter Say?

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Tools & Methodologies|

In case there is any doubt, a culture of trust is vital to the work that we do as change practitioners. You may be able to drive short-term, looking-over-the-shoulder compliance [...]