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Change and Emotion

By |Categories: Profession, Tools & Methodologies|Tags: , , , , |

As a profession, why do we approach major change rationally? We create the “case for change,” articulating all of the reasons that maintaining the status quo is not viable, and [...]

Meeting Magic

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|Tags: , , , |

For most of us, the thought of yet another meeting elicits either a yawn or a groan. Yet when they work, meetings are highly productive in terms of both getting [...]

Radical Transparency

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

Leadership may be positional, but true leadership is about how you show up. As a change practitioner, you may lead a change team, or you may not. Either way, bringing [...]

Learning from Failure. Really!

By |Categories: Profession, Tools & Methodologies|Tags: , , , , , |

There is no doubt that we, and the leaders that we serve, will make mistakes. As change practitioners, learning these lessons from Google can serve us well.

Taking a “Both/And” Approach to Strategy Execution

By |Categories: Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

In Good Strategy Execution Requires Balancing 4 Tensions by Simon Horan and Michael Connerty (Harvard Business Review” https://hbr.org/2017/11/good-strategy-execution-requires-balancing-4-tensions), the authors provide important insights for change practitioners and the leaders with [...]

Beware of Change Management Stars!

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

TED presenter Margaret Heffernan challenges the corporate focus on star employees who outperform their peers. In Why It’s Important to Forget the Pecking Oder at Work, “Super-performers” don’t raise the [...]

Survivor’s Guilt

By |Categories: Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

When was the last time your change plan addressed the fallout of a reorganization? What about the drop in quality and productivity that we all know accompanies major change? Gwen [...]

Change Management and the Change Monster

By |Categories: Profession|

In his TED talk Technology Disruption Meets the Change Monster. Who Wins?, Patrick Forth describes the growth associated with “the digital ecosystem,’ and explains how technology is driving disruption, and [...]

What is the Gig Economy, and What Does It Mean for Business Owners?

By |Categories: Profession|

It is estimated that the number of freelancers and independent contractors will more than double to 7.6 million workers by 2020. No industry is protected from this dynamic shift in [...]

A Manifesto for Agile Change Management

By |Categories: Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

Jason Little A few days after participating in Change Management Review’s Second Virtual Change Summit, Jason Little posted this article to LinkedIn. He begins by confirming the level of interest—and [...]