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Tell Them Why!

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In a newly published Harvard Business Article Don’t Just Tell Employees Organizational Changes Are Coming — Explain Why, Morgan Galbraith cites a study reporting that almost one third of the [...]

Ditch the Drama

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Some people have more of a flair for the dramatic than others. As change professionals, rarely, if ever, will drama contribute to our success. Because the major changes that we [...]

Be a Remarkable Change Practitioner

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If you know Seth Godin, you know that he is always pushing the edge, bringing a magnifying glass, a telescope, or another new lens for viewing our lives and how [...]

Change Management by the Numbers

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While “The Hard Side of Change Management” was first published in Harvard Business Review in October 2005, it provides some important research findings to change management practitioners – and organizational [...]

How Hard Are You Working?

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How much of what you are doing at work comes easy to you? What percentage of your time are you spending feeling challenged to learn and grow? In this Inc. [...]

Questioning to Strengthen Client Relationships

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As a professional coach serving highly experienced change practitioners, one of the most frequent challenges I hear is, "How do I become more than a hired hand so that my [...]

Strengthening the Decisions of Decision-Makers

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As change practitioners, we are not typically the ones making the big decisions. However, we are often in a position to inform those decisions. And, those of us who serve [...]

Get Your Motivation Re-Charge

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As a change practitioner, it is likely that others look to you—and interact with you—as a leader, whether or not you hold a formal leadership role. You may be an [...]

Change Lessons From Social Organizers

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Societies don’t change. Organizations don’t change. People change.

Knowledge is Power…When Shared

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In this short but important TED talk (The Military Case for Sharing Knowledge), General Stanley McChrystal challenges a paradigm that displays itself not only in the military, but in organizations [...]