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What is the Gig Economy, and What Does It Mean for Business Owners?

By |Categories: Profession|

It is estimated that the number of freelancers and independent contractors will more than double to 7.6 million workers by 2020. No industry is protected from this dynamic shift in [...]

How to Influence Millennials…and Everyone Else

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

As change practitioners, our real power is the power of influence. It is unlikely that we have direct authority over very many of those who have to change. Our knowledge, [...]

No One Cares How Late You Worked. Here’s What to Focus On Instead.

By |Categories: Profession|

In this brief video, E.piphany founder Steve Blank describes the company’s culture of late nights at work, and the epiphany he had after leaving at 7:00 one evening for a [...]

Why You Need Conversational Intelligence

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

As change practitioners, we spend a great deal of our lives in conversation: we interview; conduct focus groups; hold one-on-one and one-on-team meetings; we advocate for our sponsors and leaders [...]

The Future Workforce and the Practice of Change

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

We tend to play a responsive role in a dynamic environment. Leaders—whether in the C-suite or further down in the organization—determine the changes to be made, and then call on [...]

Classic Revisited: William Bridges Managing Transitions

By |Categories: Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

One of the pioneering works of change management, William Bridges’ 1991 book Managing Transitions is a classic in our field. His model remains at the core of change management practices [...]

Advice from a Billionaire

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

What advice could a billionaire offer to us as change practitioners? In fact, the counsel that Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater (hedge fund), offers in this article is not specific [...]

All Change is Personal

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

As change practitioners, we each bring our own lens to our work. For some, it is an HR lens, or IT, or OD. Yours might be a change management lens, [...]

Human Studies Unites Ethnography and Change Management

By |Categories: Profession|

The change management profession is coming into its own. We are recognized as vital to successful change initiatives and an important contributor to business growth and endurance. We are formalizing [...]

Meet the Expert: Michael Bungay Stanier

By |Categories: Meet the Expert, Profession|

Theresa Moulton recently spoke with Michael Bungay Stanier, author of The Coaching Habit, to discuss the differences between coaching for development and coaching for performance, as well as the impact [...]