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All Change is Personal

By |Categories: Building Personal Impact, Profession|

As change practitioners, we each bring our own lens to our work. For some, it is an HR lens, or IT, or OD. Yours might be a change management lens, [...]

Human Studies Unites Ethnography and Change Management

By |Categories: Profession|

The change management profession is coming into its own. We are recognized as vital to successful change initiatives and an important contributor to business growth and endurance. We are formalizing [...]

Meet the Expert: Michael Bungay Stanier

By |Categories: Meet the Expert, Profession|

Theresa Moulton recently spoke with Michael Bungay Stanier, author of The Coaching Habit, to discuss the differences between coaching for development and coaching for performance, as well as the impact [...]

Meet the Expert: Tim Creasey

By |Categories: Meet the Expert, Profession|

Theresa Moulton, editor-in-chief of Change Management Review, recently had the opportunity to interview Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer for Prosci to discuss how he came into the change management profession [...]

Meet the Expert: Heather Stagl

By |Categories: Meet the Expert, Profession|

Our Editor-in-Chief, Theresa Moulton, had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Stagl as our featured expert of the week.  Enjoy learning more about how Heather entered the change management field, why [...]

What Does It Really Take to Become a Top Change Management Professional?

By |Categories: Profession|

Becoming a change management professional is not a one-size-fits-all approach by any means, but here’s a taste of what you may need and want to know before and during your [...]

The Change Management Professional’s Workspace

By |Categories: Profession|

The most important products, services, and tools of successful change management professionals. As change management professionals, it’s vital for us to know not only the history of the industry, but [...]

Change Management: A Perspective on a Profession in Transition

By |Categories: Profession|

A brief history of the change management profession, and a look ahead at emerging trends and drivers of change.    A Brief Lesson in Change Management History The mid-20th century [...]