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What Type of Change Leader Are You Serving?

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In his book Leading at the Edge of Chaos, Daryl Conner offers a set of change leadership archetypes. The Anti-Change Leader: Recognizing the disruption that change causes within an organization, [...]

A New Application of an Old Model

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In this TED talk Martin Danoesastro asks, “What are you willing to give up to change the way we work?” He begins with a video of a flock of hundreds [...]

Is Your Sponsor a Change Leader?

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Leadership isn’t about what you say. It’s about how you show up, what you do, who you are. In this online post, The Five Principles of Change Leadership, June Bradham [...]

When Leaders are Undermining Change, What are You Doing About It?

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Leaders don’t always get it right. In fact, sometimes they get it all wrong. In his Harvard Business Review Article Three Ways Senior Leaders Create at Toxic Culture, Ron Carucci [...]

Are Your Leaders Competent as Change Leaders?

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Whatever the statistics, too many organizational change initiatives fail to deliver on their promise. While at times it is the solution that is flawed, more often it is the execution. [...]

Critical Skills We Rarely Think Of

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We all prepare and deliver presentations all the time. If you’re an external practitioner, this begins with marketing presentations. Whether internal or external, there are proposal presentations; planning presentations; status [...]

Boost Your Practitioner Power

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While Marcel Schwantes wrote his article for those seeking to influence their managers, (5 Things Exceptional Employees Love to Do (and Toxic Employees Hate) offers some powerful insights for how [...]

How Well is Your Change Management Approach Working?

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How well is your change management approach working? When important change initiatives fail, all too often the finger gets pointed at the change practitioners for not surfacing risks early enough, [...]

Get Your Motivation Re-Charge

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As a change practitioner, it is likely that others look to you—and interact with you—as a leader, whether or not you hold a formal leadership role. You may be an [...]

Visioning for Success: Part 1

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Visioning, when done well, is at the heart of transformational change. In this article we make the case and lay the groundwork for successful visioning. Our next article addresses the [...]