“Meet The Expert” Podcast Series

Facilitating Breakthrough, With Adam Kahane

In his forward to Adam Kahane’s book Facilitating Breakthrough, Edgar Schein writes, “The key to this book is the second word in its title: breakthrough. [...]

Curve Benders: A New Perspective on the Role of Change Practitioner and Change Leader, With David Nour

In this podcast, Managing Editor Brian Gorman talks with David Nour about the interweave of personal, organizational, and social change, the role of innovation and [...]

The Phoenix Encounter Method: Lead Like Your Business is on Fire, With Sameer Hasija

In this podcast, Change Management Review Editor-In-Chief Theresa Moulton interviews Sameer Hasija, Dean of Executive Education and Professor at INSEAD, which is ranked by the [...]

“From The Field” Podcast Series

Our Managing Editor, Brian Gorman, goes into the field and interviews leading change management professionals just like you, directly “from the trenches” of the work we do, to study perspectives for breakthroughs and a-ha moments that could make the difference for what you’re working on today.

Organizational Ecology, With Joan Lurie

Joan Lurie, CEO of Orgonomix (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) joins Managing Editor Brian Gorman in this exploration of change management through a very different lens. Approaching [...]

Reimagining Change Management, With Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Brian Gorman interviews Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta – a continuous learner and teacher in the field with [...]

The Individual and the System: A Dual Lens on Change Management, With Ochuko Igbeyi

In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Brian Gorman interviews Ogheneochuko (Ochuko) Igbeyi – an experienced change leadership advocate in financial services with [...]

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Digitisation and Change Management: A Conversation with Gavin Wedell and Theresa Moulton

Change management is a people-focused activity. It's about building alliances with stakeholders and sponsors, helping leaders embrace and foster change, and making employees feel they [...]

How Design Thinking Brings Us on The Same Page

A word, millions of interpretations! You probably have seen the “tree swing cartoon.” The illustration goes back to the 1970s. It was illustrated to show [...]

Change Management Dilemma: The Wrong Solution or Solving the Wrong Problem

Everything was set for rolling out a communication dashboard under the corporate website for people managers. Details were designed, and a budget was assigned. The [...]

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Shifting the Three Fundamental Elements of Culture Will Create a New Environment

Nothing stops the change process in its tracks like hearing: “Our culture won’t allow us to do that.” Though the words are simple — often [...]

CHANGE REACTIONS: Anticipate, Embrace & Opportunitise

Change is real and inevitable. It is a phenomenon that occurs at different stages of an organization’s development ladder. Change helps businesses to evolve in [...]

20 Over 20

Over 20 years, clients across a range of industries have allowed me to be their partner in driving change across their organizations. At the end [...]