Are You Seen as a High-Impact Trusted Advisor by Your Clients?

Most change management specialists are seen as providing a satisfactory degree of value.

These change management specialists are regarded as “average” when performing change facilitation duties. Leaders in the organization are neither disappointed by nor ecstatic about the results they achieve.

Basically, they have a neutral opinion.

Neutral Is Not a Good Thing.

Think about it: when a car is in neutral, that means the drivetrain is not engaging the transmission to make the wheels turn. Rev the car and nothing happens. Let go of the brake while in neutral on a hillside or incline, and brace yourself for your car to crash into something.

Neutral also means “take it or leave it” – which means the change effort can be safely ignored with little or no potential backlash.

What’s Happening Here?

Leaders responsible for implementing significant change in their organizations need access to experienced advisors who can help guide them through the pitfalls of executing these major initiatives.

This role, termed “change practitioner,” is filled by professionals from a wide array of disciplines including change management, organizational development, HR, leadership development, strategic planning, project management, IT, business relationship management, coaching, organizational design, and more.

No matter their field of expertise, whether they function as internal specialists or external consultants, or if they work solo or as part of a team—if individuals help leaders navigate important transitions, they are considered change practitioners.

Low Impact or Average Performance Is Not Going to Cut It

When change practitioners are first given a chance to support senior officers, many fail to achieve the client’s desired results. Their initial attempt at trying to serve in this role is not well received by the leader, and they aren’t invited back.

Typically, the problem isn’t one of not knowing what issues to address, misdiagnosing the situation at hand, or offering ill-conceived recommendations; many practitioners are prepared to support senior leaders as far as the concepts, tools, and techniques to use.

Where they fall short is knowing how to establish and maintain the rapport needed to create an exceptionally influential relationship.

And, It Can Get Worse…

When it comes to forming deep interpersonal bonds with top officers, there are certain dynamics in play that high impact change practitioners need to be attentive to, particularly those underlying forces that either foster or hinder the practitioner’s ability to establish extraordinary influence.

Ultimately, the depth of the connection between leader and practitioner isn’t based on the content of the guidance being provided; it depends upon the nature of the relationship within which the guidance is conveyed.

There are some unique challenges to working in the space where senior officers operate.

Without specific preparation for the kinds of challenges that can affect relationship building at this level, change practitioners often fail to become the leader’s confidante regarding important change endeavors.

Fortunately, We Can Change the Perception by Recasting Ourselves as High Impact Trusted Advisors

High Impact Trusted Advisors (HITAs) are change practitioners who provide this kind of support to senior leaders. Some serve those at the C-suite level (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CHROs , etc.), and some support key leaders below the top echelon, but all are advising executives with either enterprise-wide or major functional/geographic responsibilities.

HITAs have extraordinary access to and influence with these top executives. They are considered strategic, invaluable resources, and their views are sought out when key initiatives come with significant risk, and the price for a misstep could be costly. They enjoy such respect from the leaders they serve that their counsel is regarded as a competitive advantage for the organization.

Would you like to join their ranks?

Developing Trusted Advisors for High Impact Work

To be viewed as a strategic, invaluable resource by senior officers, it is not sufficient for a change practitioner to be merely adept at applying methodology. He or she must also demonstrate more refined capabilities, such as:

  • Successfully navigating the dynamics and pitfalls of establishing the proper rapport
  • Engaging in sophisticated interpersonal communications and relationship building
  • Understanding how deep influence unfolds with leaders at the top level
  • Functioning as a strategic partner, rather than as a tactical vendor
  • Rapidly establishing trust with executives who may be leery of internal or external change practitioners
  • Delivering information, perspectives, and recommendations that may make leaders uncomfortable in such a way that they are able to recognize, appreciate, and act on the truth of what is said

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How could you benefit from the opportunity to get support on your consulting challenges, and have your questions represented and answered, by one of the founders of the field of change management?

To perform as a senior trusted advisor, it is not sufficient to be merely adept at applying change-related concepts, tools, and techniques. Being a High Impact Trusted Advisor means you must also demonstrate more refined capabilities, such as:

  • Function as a strategic partner to leadership, rather than as a tactical vendor
  • Rapidly establish trust with executives who may be leery of internal or external change practitioners
  • Think beyond standard protocols, technical understanding, and typical analysis
  • Get to the heart of the real issues quickly and effectively
  • Maintain an astute vigilance for what is subtle or not obvious during a change initiative
  • Recalibrate interpretations and recommendations when unexpected observations, findings, or implications surface
  • Engage in sophisticated interpersonal communications and relationship building, including the use of nuance and subtleties for maximum effect
  • Employ nuance and subtleties for maximum effect
  • Deliver information, perspectives, and recommendations that may make leaders uncomfortable while also helping them to recognize, appreciate, and act on the truth of what is said
  • And much, much more!

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