Our brains have a built-in safety mechanism that causes us to naturally resist change, even if that change will ultimately improve our life or business.

We are naturally programmed to seek certainty to protect us from the unknown – this is why pilot programs give us an opportunity to “try before you buy”, a way to have one foot in the current (and safe) state while dipping your toe into the future.

Now, what if you were asked to try something new for a short period of time, knowing you didn’t have to start that “something new” until a future date?

What if there was another, simpler way to simply bypass our resistance to change?

Join us for this exciting webinar where, through case studies and real-life examples, you will discover how to:

  • Why purchasing that 5 am flight six months before your trip seems like such a great idea at the time, but feels like a really poor choice the night before you leave
  • Integrate three of the most useful brain hacks that make change stick
  • Embrace the alluring value of simplicity for designing effective change programs that bypass our natural resistance to change and create the “new normal”
  • Immediately implement ideas and strategies for your organization, including a practical model to add to your change toolkit
  • And much, much more during this exciting webinar, where you will have the opportunity to ask Susan Franzen your own #1 burning question on this topic!
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Susan L. Franzen
Susan L. FranzenThe University of Texas System
In 2015, Susan L. Franzen led the broadest and deepest organizational assessment in the history of the University of Texas System, engaging staff and faculty at all 14 institutions, leading to 26 recommendations for change. Before that, she led the change management efforts for a multi-campus enterprise resource planning implementation and office building consolidations.