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About Callie McDowell

Callie Gargiulo McDowell, Contributing Editor and Product Strategist for Change Management Review™, has been focused on designing and developing systems, processes, and tools to accelerate change within organizations for over 30 years. During her career as Founder and President of AED, Inc., Callie worked with Fortune 1000 clients within the US, Canada, and Europe. Ms. McDowell has worked in a number of industries including financial services, biotechnology, higher education, pharmaceuticals, publishing, power, and manufacturing.

Human Studies Unites Ethnography and Change Management

By |Profession|

The change management profession is coming into its own. We are recognized as vital to successful change initiatives and an important contributor to business growth and endurance. We are formalizing [...]

What Can You Do to Increase the Effectiveness of Middle Manager Participation and Leadership During Change? (Part II)

By |Academic Insights|

In Part I of this Academic Insight™, we looked at an article by Rosalie Kuyvenhoven and W. Christian Buss that provided three “practice gems” for change management professionals related to [...]

What Can You Do to Increase the Effectiveness of Middle Manager Participation and Leadership During Change? (Part I)

By |Academic Insights|

No matter what the business content of a strategic organizational change may be, most change initiatives begin at the C-Suite level with defined objectives and intended results. The intent is [...]

How Do Emotions Impact both Leaders and Employees During Change?

By |Academic Insights|

Far too often when managing change, companies place their entire focus on the cut-and-dried aspects of organizational change - who will be performing what roles, and what tasks need to be accomplished? [...]

Context and Conversation—Two Effective and FREE Tools to Use During Change Initiatives

By |Tools & Methodologies|

I have been thinking about these two tools—context and conversation—intently for more than five years, primarily when observing the repercussions of a digitally transforming world. The focus of my thoughts—how [...]

70 Years of Resistance – Part 2

By |Academic Insights|

Ideas about change resistance have evolved. There is more clarity around the meaning of activities such as participation and communication, as well as more ability to do more things that [...]

70 Years of Resistance – Part 1

By |Academic Insights|

Isn’t resistance to change like gravity? Just a widely accepted force that change management professionals address every day? That’s what we thought until we discovered a 1948 research study on [...]

Why Should Change Managers Reconsider Knowledge Management?

By |Academic Insights|

This Academic Insight evolved primarily from the first article by Balogun and Jenkins while doing other research.  “Re-conceiving Change Management: A Knowledge Based Perspective” appeared to be a good starting [...]

What Does It Really Take to Become a Top Change Management Professional?

By |Profession|

Becoming a change management professional is not a one-size-fits-all approach by any means, but here’s a taste of what you may need and want to know before and during your [...]

Five Agile Practices You Can Apply Immediately to Your Change Management Efforts

By |Tools & Methodologies|

There are a number of practices that contribute to the effectiveness of agile development and help to distinguish it from traditional waterfall software development. Five commonly-used practices can be applied [...]