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About Callie McDowell

Callie Gargiulo McDowell, Contributing Editor and Product Strategist for Change Management Review™, has been focused on designing and developing systems, processes, and tools to accelerate change within organizations for over 30 years. During her career as Founder and President of AED, Inc., Callie worked with Fortune 1000 clients within the US, Canada, and Europe. Ms. McDowell has worked in a number of industries including financial services, biotechnology, higher education, pharmaceuticals, publishing, power, and manufacturing.

Methodology? Model? Let’s Clear This Up!

By |Tools & Methodologies|

You need both in your toolkit to implement change successfully. The Internet abounds with commentary about the terms methodology and model—what they are, who owns them, and which one is [...]

Due Diligence in a Change Management Project

By |Tools & Methodologies|

The work of a change management professional is challenging—no question! When we approach any new implementation, our eyes widen and our heart rate quickens hearing about the proposed size, shape, [...]

Don’t Skip the First Step

By |Tools & Methodologies|

If you are in change management, you have likely seen representations of a “change curve,” depicted differently and called by many different names. The graphic below compiles the thinking of [...]

How Competency Models Can Help Change Management Professionals

By |Training & Certification|

Know what knowledge, skills, and attributes you need for your change management professional development plan. To be a successful change management professional, you need to know your competencies. If you’re [...]

To Certify or Not to Certify—That Seems to Be the Question

By |Training & Certification|

As with other recognized professions—medicine, law, accounting, and engineering to name a few—for change management, the writing is now on the wall.  Whether you are new to the change management [...]

Change Management: A Perspective on a Profession in Transition

By |Profession|

A brief history of the change management profession, and a look ahead at emerging trends and drivers of change.    A Brief Lesson in Change Management History The mid-20th century [...]

What Can Change Managers Learn from the Agile Movement

By |Tools & Methodologies|

What did you do on your last ski vacation? In 2001, 17 programming practitioners met at a ski resort in Snowbird, Utah, and came up with four guiding principles of [...]

Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr. and Lillian Evelyn Moller Gilbreth

By |Where Do We Come From?|

The Gilbreths’ time and motion studies, as well as their consideration of the human factors operating in the workplace, contributed to many aspects of modern management theory, including Activity-Based Costing [...]

Karl Emil Maximilian Weber

By |Where Do We Come From?|

Weber was considered one of the principal architects of modern social science, contributing to our understanding of culture, motivation, power and how change happens. Max Weber was a German sociologist, [...]

Henry Laurence Gantt

By |Where Do We Come From?|

Gantt’s scheduling tool, known as the Gantt Chart, has been and still is a standard project management planning and scheduling tool. His views on worker compensation were forerunners of the [...]