Dr. Linda Hoopes

About Dr. Linda Hoopes

Dr. Linda Hoopes brings a wide range of perspectives to her work in organizational change. She received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee and served on the faculties of Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and Colby College. She spent 17 years working with change expert Daryl Conner in a range of roles, including research, assessment and methodology development, consulting, and training design and delivery. She is currently self-employed and works with clients on topics related to change, resilience, and well-being. Linda is the author of two books, including Prosilience: Building Your Resilience for a Turbulent World, which won the 2018 EPIC nonfiction award. She is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Georgia and a member of SIOP, ACMP, and AoM. In addition to her professional and academic history, she brings a number of other influences to her work including music, photography, sailboat racing, and massage therapy. In her role at CMR, Linda writes about change management intersections with research, organization development, human energy, and psychology.
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