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About Staff Writer

This article was written by one of our staff members, each of whom has business and change management experience.

Visioning for Success: Part 2

By |Building Personal Impact, Profession|

Part 1 of this series focused on why change visioning should be non-negotiable for those aspiring to lead successful change and on principles that should inform conceptualisation of the visioning [...]

Visioning for Success: Part 1

By |Building Personal Impact, Profession|

Visioning, when done well, is at the heart of transformational change. In this article we make the case and lay the groundwork for successful visioning. Our next article addresses the [...]

Webinar: Leading Internal Change Management Groups

By |Webinars|


How Change Management Review Offers Advantages For Practitioners, With Theresa Moulton

By |Meet the Expert Podcast Series, Podcasts|

Summary: In this episode of the Change Management Review Podcast, Lisa McCoy turns the tables and interviews our very own Theresa Moulton, Editor-In-Chief of Change Management Review™ and an [...]

5 Thought Leaders Specify Change Leadership Techniques for Successful Transformation

By |Perspectives On|

Why has organizational transformation always been a challenge? Don’t we get it by now? Are there really that many new theories to place into practice? How many more books, articles, [...]

Why Agile Change Management Matters

By |Perspectives On|

New distribution methods, a volatile economy and improved technologies for communicating and connecting with the world have highlighted the need for companies to be more agile. However, few operations are [...]

Why Storytelling Should Be in the Change Leader’s Toolkit

By |Perspectives On|

Most of us have fallen asleep at least once in our lives to a caretaker reading a bedtime story or trying to finish a novel—be it romance, history or mystery. [...]

When there’s no WIIFM: 5 tips to create support during difficult change

By |Tools & Methodologies|

Running projects with no clear benefits to the individual can be a nightmare scenario for change managers. Here’s how to make bitter change more palatable. “This is the stupidest idea [...]

How Will Millennials Transform Organizational Change?

By |Perspectives On|

Just another look at the phenomenon of this century—millenials? This one could hold the key to a successful change initiative. As the millennial generation floods the workplace and rises into [...]

Not Another Article on Employee Engagement…5 Expert Views!

By |Perspectives On|

Today more than ever, companies are recognizing the critical importance of employee engagement particularly during times of transformation. Research has linked the way an employee feels about his or her job [...]