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About Staff Writer

This article was written by one of our staff members, each of whom has business and change management experience.

How Will We Be Communicating Change in the Future?

By |Perspectives On|

Wow--Texting, Twitter, Facebook, Intranet, Instagram—has business communication ever changed in the last two decades! What does it mean for change management practitioners whose job it is to support sponsors and [...]

How Executive Coaching Strengthens Business Transformation

By |Perspectives On|

Whether your focus is on developing new business practices, implementing new technology or shifting the focus of your company's operations to a new strategy, business transformation is everywhere. Unfortunately, many [...]

Realities of Impactful Sponsorship

By |Perspectives On|

As most change management professionals know, sponsors help provide clear direction for company change initiatives. They work to secure project resources and develop management buy-in at all levels of the company. Sometimes sponsors [...]

Practical Dimensions of Change Leadership

By |Perspectives On|

Essential to successful change is successful change leadership. Change leadership speaks to a role that can span multiple levels within an organization from executive management and change sponsorship to personal [...]

Change Professionals—Your DevOps Team Needs You!

By |Tools & Methodologies|

Recently I participated on an informational panel at a local DevOps Meetup. The panel was put together from several disciplines to address issues with the successful adoption of DevOps and reaching [...]