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Academic Insights

Teaming For Success

By |Academic Insights, Building Personal Impact, Change Management Articles|

Amy Edmondson, the Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, draws an important distinction between teams and teaming in this TEDNYC talk. It is a distinction that we—as [...]

The Science-Business Mismatch that Puts Your Change at Risk

By |Academic Insights, Change Management Articles, Tools & Methodologies|

As Daniel Pink says in this TED talk (The Puzzle of Motivation), there is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. And that mismatch puts your change [...]

Achieving Transformational Change in Higher Education

By |Academic Insights|

These are challenging times for colleges and universities. Competition for students has intensified as the number of high school graduates is declining. There is increased public scrutiny regarding the value [...]

NeuroLeadership: What’s Oxytocin Got to Do with It? Part I

By |Academic Insights|

For many years, the science of leadership was considered a "soft" science. While many experts in management and business understood the qualities that made a good leader and knew the [...]

What Can You Do to Increase the Effectiveness of Middle Manager Participation and Leadership During Change? (Part II)

By |Academic Insights|

In Part I of this Academic Insight™, we looked at an article by Rosalie Kuyvenhoven and W. Christian Buss that provided three “practice gems” for change management professionals related to [...]

What Can You Do to Increase the Effectiveness of Middle Manager Participation and Leadership During Change? (Part I)

By |Academic Insights|

No matter what the business content of a strategic organizational change may be, most change initiatives begin at the C-Suite level with defined objectives and intended results. The intent is [...]

How Do Emotions Impact both Leaders and Employees During Change?

By |Academic Insights|

Far too often when managing change, companies place their entire focus on the cut-and-dried aspects of organizational change - who will be performing what roles, and what tasks need to be accomplished? [...]

70 Years of Resistance – Part 2

By |Academic Insights|

Ideas about change resistance have evolved. There is more clarity around the meaning of activities such as participation and communication, as well as more ability to do more things that [...]

70 Years of Resistance – Part 1

By |Academic Insights|

Isn’t resistance to change like gravity? Just a widely accepted force that change management professionals address every day? That’s what we thought until we discovered a 1948 research study on [...]

Why Should Change Managers Reconsider Knowledge Management?

By |Academic Insights|

This Academic Insight evolved primarily from the first article by Balogun and Jenkins while doing other research.  “Re-conceiving Change Management: A Knowledge Based Perspective” appeared to be a good starting [...]