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Building Personal Impact

Is “Holding Space” in Your Change Toolkit?

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Tools & Methodologies|

As Lynn Hauka, the author of The Sweetness of Holding Space for Another says, holding space is something that each of us is capable of, and something that each of [...]

What Does The Trust Meter Say?

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Tools & Methodologies|

In case there is any doubt, a culture of trust is vital to the work that we do as change practitioners. You may be able to drive short-term, looking-over-the-shoulder compliance [...]

Getting Real

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

You may be approaching your role as a change practitioner from a position of leadership; or, yours might be strictly a position of influence. Either way, there are lessons to [...]

True Leaders

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

All too often as change practitioners we find ourselves unable to establish the influence we feel that we need with leaders. When this happens, the tendency is to melt into [...]

Quitting is Leading Too

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

You may be surprised to learn that this is a quote from Nelson Mandela; he certainly isn’t known as a quitter. For the most part, those of us who serve [...]

Prosilience: Building Your Resilience for a Turbulent World

By |Books, Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

As change practitioners, we all know that some people are more resilient than others and that the dynamic world in which we live and work is putting more and more [...]

What You Can Learn From Under Armour’s Billion-Dollar Coup

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

Paul Petrone This LinkedIn post begins with the story of how Nike lost Steph Curry as their sneaker ambassador…and how Under Armour signed him and rose to become a major [...]

Want to be a Great Business Leader in 5 Years? Master These 4 Skills

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions|

As change practitioners, this LinkedIn post provides perspective on two important topics: the top challenges facing our organizations’ leaders over the next five years, and the skills they need to [...]

How to Influence Millennials…and Everyone Else

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

As change practitioners, our real power is the power of influence. It is unlikely that we have direct authority over very many of those who have to change. Our knowledge, [...]

We Need to Raise the Bar

By |Building Personal Impact, Contributions, Perspectives On|

In his recent essay, Professional Development of HITA (High Impact Trusted Advisor) Practitioners, Daryl Conner asks, “Why are senior officers so often peripheral players in what are supposed to be [...]