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Community Contributions

The Silent Stakeholder: Why Trauma Needs to Be Considered When Planning Change

By |Community Contributions|

As an organization change strategist who has been working with clients for the past 30 years to help roll out new technologies or install new post-merger cultures, I’ve seen millions [...]

Shifting the Three Fundamental Elements of Culture Will Create a New Environment

By |Community Contributions|

Nothing stops the change process in its tracks like hearing: “Our culture won’t allow us to do that.” Though the words are simple — often uttered reflexively with little thought [...]

CHANGE REACTIONS: Anticipate, Embrace & Opportunitise

By |Community Contributions|

Change is real and inevitable. It is a phenomenon that occurs at different stages of an organization’s development ladder. Change helps businesses to evolve in the face of competition, and [...]

20 Over 20

By |Community Contributions|

Over 20 years, clients across a range of industries have allowed me to be their partner in driving change across their organizations. At the end of nearly every project, I [...]

The Business and Personal Nature of Change Management

By |Community Contributions|

Time and task management are two critical skillsets small business owners need to have. A highly developed focus can help ensure all operational functions of your business run smoothly and [...]

The Challenge of Change Management in Remote Workplaces (And How to Navigate It)

By |Community Contributions|

Have you ever needed to learn something very quickly and then suddenly teach it to others? What if your job depended on it? What if the stakes were as high [...]

The Application and Impact of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence on Change Management – Part 1

By |Community Contributions|

Intelligent Change Management Intelligence is the highest value we can get from data. To bring intelligence into Change Management, we need to have information about current and desired (future) states, [...]

How To Cope With Change In The Knowledge Economy

By |Community Contributions|

Knowledge is identified as a multi-faceted concept, and is distinct  from information and data. Data has been defined by Haridimos Tsoukas and Efi Vladimirou as raw entities, and information is [...]

The Dance of Transformation & Change Leadership – Part 2

By |Community Contributions|

In Part 1 of this article we introduced performance artist and dancer Gabrielle Roth’s five basic dance rhythms as metaphors for five change leadership styles, and examined the first three [...]

The Dance of Transformation & Change Leadership

By |Community Contributions|

Transformational change is the least understood and most complex type of change facing organizations today. What can a popular dance movement program from the 1970's tell us about today's change [...]