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Community Contributions

Ingredients for Successful Transformational Change

By |Community Contributions|

Having worked as a transformational change consultant and leadership coach for decades, I’ve had the honor of working with dozens of talented business leaders. Even before my entry into the [...]

Self-Sustaining Change

By |Community Contributions|

Overview Clients in need of change management expertise often rightly focus on the immediate tasks of defining the challenge, developing an appropriate process, and successfully implementing change.  However, this focus [...]

Flourishing During Change: An Alternative to Fight or Flight

By |Community Contributions|

While in Switzerland I willingly allowed another person to walk me off a cliff. My first paragliding experience was an intoxicating battle between fear and exhilaration while watching the ground [...]

Becoming Change Ready (Part 2 of 2)

By |Community Contributions|

Part 1 of this article described the critical nature of change readiness, and how it is an underemphasized phase of change adoption. It introduced keys to boosting readiness to change [...]

Becoming Change Ready (Part 1 of 2)

By |Community Contributions|

A more modern focus of change management has become increasingly about the managers’ role in change (Cummings, Bridgman, and Brown, 2016). Specifically, how managers become change agents, promoting urgency, dealing [...]

Embracing Automation With a Human Touch

By |Community Contributions|

Whether it’s self-check lines at the supermarket, self-driving cars on the road or the emerging use of cryptocurrency, the world around us is changing rapidly. For organizations – and their [...]

Habit: The Frenemy of Change

By |Building Personal Impact, Community Contributions|

Habits are essential to our survival. From an evolutionary perspective, they help us be more efficient by making frequent necessary actions effortless and quick. Think if every time you wanted [...]

Change Makers: Getting the Right Team to Deliver Change

By |Community Contributions|

We all know change can be tough - people stop change. As Roger Enrico famously said when he was CEO of PepsiCo “The soft stuff is always harder than the [...]

Are We Worth It? Measuring the Contribution of Change Management

By |Community Contributions|

Organizational change is a strategic business advantage which gains its value from increasing the likelihood of securing organizational benefit/goals through: Minimizing amount of people disruption associated with change Lessening the [...]

Start Change With Segmentation

By |Community Contributions|

Change within organizations is delivered through people. We can leverage assets and infrastructure to support the change, however, ultimately change is about the reception and execution of behaviors. This is why we need to think about our stakeholders differently.