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Practitioner Resources

Why a Change Center of Excellence (CCoE)?

By |Practitioner Resources|

No matter what direction you look, the pace of change continues to accelerate. Whether in the external environment, inside our organizations, or in our personal lives, change is endemic. [...]

Logic Isn’t Enough Addressing the Emotional Side of Change Management

By |Practitioner Resources|

You have the methodology, the tools, and the processes. The change execution plan has been developed and the communications drafted. It all makes sense. You sit back, heave a [...]

Triaging the Change Management Project: What to Do When the Ship is Sinking

By |Practitioner Resources|

It happens. If you have been a change practitioner for any length of time, you have worked on a change initiative that did not deliver on its promise. Too [...]

The Change Practitioner as Coach: A Practical Guide

By |Practitioner Resources|

As a Change Practitioner, your clients look to you for answers. (But should you be asking questions instead?) You carry your "change toolkit" with you every day. It may [...]

Leveraging Neuroscience to Strengthen Change Management Practices: A Practical Guide

By |Practitioner Resources|

What does Neuroscience have to do with our work as change practitioners? (Answer: Pretty much everything!) Our methodologies, our tools, even our conversations help our leaders to move their [...]

Change As The Great Equalizer: How Re-Enrolling Current Employees in the Onboarding Process Can Energize Adoption

By |Practitioner Resources|

Change, and learning what's needed to succeed in the workplace, can be both exhilarating and daunting. For some, it serves to re-energize them and make them feel optimistic about [...]

A Guide to Embracing the Selling Role of a Change Manager

By |Practitioner Resources|

Claim Your Access To Free Resources That Help You: Adopt a change management definition for selling Understand the effectiveness of conceptual selling in change management Feel comfortable in your role as [...]