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Tools & Methodologies

How to Influence Millennials…and Everyone Else

By |Building Personal Impact, Change Management Articles, Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

As change practitioners, our real power is the power of influence. It is unlikely that we have direct authority over very many of those who have to change. Our knowledge, [...]

Planning for Anti-Goals

By |Change Management Articles, Tools & Methodologies|

When was the last time that a change you were supporting produced results that no one wanted? Unacceptable drops in productivity; unprecedented loss of customers; quality declines…none of these is [...]

Classic Revisited: William Bridges Managing Transitions

By |Change Management Articles, Profession, Tools & Methodologies|

One of the pioneering works of change management, William Bridges’ 1991 book Managing Transitions is a classic in our field. His model remains at the core of change management practices [...]

Finding the Reason Behind the Resistance

By |Tools & Methodologies|

In the face of ample evidence that, despite the growing focus on change management as a resource, about 70 percent of change initiatives fail, understanding what’s really driving resistance can [...]

Still MORE Lessons Change Professionals Can Learn from Marketers

By |Tools & Methodologies|

Recently we made a number of connections between what marketers know and use and what change managers might consider adding to their portfolio of practices. Three Lessons Change Professionals Can [...]

When there’s no WIIFM: 5 tips to create support during difficult change

By |Tools & Methodologies|

Running projects with no clear benefits to the individual can be a nightmare scenario for change managers. Here’s how to make bitter change more palatable. “This is the stupidest idea [...]

Change Professionals—Your DevOps Team Needs You!

By |Tools & Methodologies|

Recently I participated on an informational panel at a local DevOps Meetup. The panel was put together from several disciplines to address issues with the successful adoption of DevOps and reaching [...]

Context and Conversation—Two Effective and FREE Tools to Use During Change Initiatives

By |Tools & Methodologies|

I have been thinking about these two tools—context and conversation—intently for more than five years, primarily when observing the repercussions of a digitally transforming world. The focus of my thoughts—how [...]

Three More Lessons Change Professionals Can Learn from Marketers

By |Tools & Methodologies|

Earlier this month, we drew a number of connections between change management and marketing, citing well-known, time-honored marketing lessons as inspiration for your change efforts. In this follow-up, we continue [...]

Three Lessons Change Professionals Can Learn from Marketers

By |Tools & Methodologies|

With changing cultural and societal shifts, and an increased focus on technology for communication, new generations of employees are getting integrated into the corporate world. The motivators that inspired previous [...]