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Behave Yourself: Using Behavior to Activate Change

By |Webinars|

A powerful skill that accelerates your ability, as a change management practitioner, to drive change is to employ practical behavior practices. How do you assess your behavior-based skills for [...]

An Experience Design Approach for Change Management

By |Webinars|

When an organization makes changes, people experience "changing". The management of change can be thought of as a whole, or a series of experiences people have. Experiences can be [...]

Change Management as a Calling

By |Webinars|

Change management professionals relate to their role in different ways: as a short-term assignment, their primary job, or a heartfelt calling. All three are legitimate interpretations of the work, [...]

The Alluring Value of Simplicity: How to Design and Launch Change Programs that Stick

By |Webinars|

Our brains have a built-in safety mechanism that causes us to naturally resist change, even if that change will ultimately improve our life or business. We are naturally programmed [...]

Key Trends for Change Management in 2019

By |Webinars|

As we enter a new year, key trends will shape change management in the next 12 months. These trends are already impacting those with existing change and transformation roles, [...]

How to Develop Your Change Intelligence to Lead Change that Sticks

By |Webinars|

From new competitive pressures to shifting customer and employee expectations to evolving technologies, workplaces around the world are embroiled in a time of massive disruption. Are you frustrated that [...]

Introduction to Agile Change Management

By |Webinars|

The concept of agile working has been adopted by many organizations that recognize the need to respond quickly and easily to new opportunities in a world of complex and [...]

Building Belief: A New Perspective on Employee Engagement

By |Webinars|

Companies with highly engaged employees outperform those with low engagement by 250% - and four-out-of-five of business leaders believe engaged employees are a key growth driver. But... two-thirds of [...]

The Five Drivers of Change: A Model for Making an Impact at Work

By |Webinars|

As you implement change at work, does it feel like something – or someone – is slipping through the cracks? There are a lot of moving parts when you're [...]

Resilience as a Strategic Change Competency

By |Webinars|

Most organizations have a large appetite for change, yet the cumulative impact of multiple changes on leaders, change practitioners, and stakeholders can be devastating. A resilient workforce offers a [...]