Change Management Review™ believes strongly that the valuable research in process within the vast global network of colleges and universities has tremendous inherent value to change management practitioners worldwide working with organizations on the ground. We present several scholarly articles that relate to an area of change management, provide an overview of each article and its insights, and comment on how these insights impact the work of the change management practitioner.

Teaming For Success

Amy Edmondson, the Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, draws an important distinction between teams and teaming in this TEDNYC talk. It is a distinction that we—as change practitioners—can put to good [...]

The Science-Business Mismatch that Puts Your Change at Risk

As Daniel Pink says in this TED talk (The Puzzle of Motivation), there is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. And that mismatch puts your change initiatives at risk! Over the [...]

Achieving Transformational Change in Higher Education

These are challenging times for colleges and universities. Competition for students has intensified as the number of high school graduates is declining. There is increased public scrutiny regarding the value of college degrees given the [...]

NeuroLeadership: What’s Oxytocin Got to Do with It? Part I

For many years, the science of leadership was considered a "soft" science. While many experts in management and business understood the qualities that made a good leader and knew the activities that could help leaders [...]

What Can You Do to Increase the Effectiveness of Middle Manager Participation and Leadership During Change? (Part II)

In Part I of this Academic Insight™, we looked at an article by Rosalie Kuyvenhoven and W. Christian Buss that provided three “practice gems” for change management professionals related to middle managers. The gems offered [...]

What Can You Do to Increase the Effectiveness of Middle Manager Participation and Leadership During Change? (Part I)

No matter what the business content of a strategic organizational change may be, most change initiatives begin at the C-Suite level with defined objectives and intended results. The intent is that these objectives cascade down [...]

How Do Emotions Impact both Leaders and Employees During Change?

Far too often when managing change, companies place their entire focus on the cut-and-dried aspects of organizational change - who will be performing what roles, and what tasks need to be accomplished? However, a much subtler process [...]

70 Years of Resistance – Part 2

Ideas about change resistance have evolved. There is more clarity around the meaning of activities such as participation and communication, as well as more ability to do more things that look like participation and communication [...]

70 Years of Resistance – Part 1

Isn’t resistance to change like gravity? Just a widely accepted force that change management professionals address every day? That’s what we thought until we discovered a 1948 research study on overcoming resistance to change that [...]

Why Should Change Managers Reconsider Knowledge Management?

This Academic Insight evolved primarily from the first article by Balogun and Jenkins while doing other research.  “Re-conceiving Change Management: A Knowledge Based Perspective” appeared to be a good starting point for introducing a series [...]