Change Management Review™ understands that, like most working individuals today, a change management professional leads a very complex life. They want to learn more about how to be effective at helping people in organizations make change, but often have to make choices about how they spend their professional development hours. The Perspectives On feature was created to provide easy access to different ideas on current change management topics from a number of acknowledged experts and contemporary thinkers in change management and related fields. Each Perspectives On article curates ideas, giving CMR readers five salient “perspectives” on a single topic.

Using Emotional Intelligence to Change the Unchangeable

For over 150 years, the Internal Revenue Service has collected tax revenue within the United States. Originally created by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 as a method to pay war expenses, the IRS has collected taxes [...]

We Need to Raise the Bar

In his recent essay, Professional Development of HITA (High Impact Trusted Advisor) Practitioners, Daryl Conner asks, “Why are senior officers so often peripheral players in what are supposed to be important changes? Why do change [...]

5 Thought Leaders Specify Change Leadership Techniques for Successful Transformation

Why has organizational transformation always been a challenge? Don’t we get it by now? Are there really that many new theories to place into practice? How many more books, articles, and webinars do we need [...]

Why Agile Change Management Matters

New distribution methods, a volatile economy and improved technologies for communicating and connecting with the world have highlighted the need for companies to be more agile. However, few operations are as flexible and ready to [...]

Why Storytelling Should Be in the Change Leader’s Toolkit

Most of us have fallen asleep at least once in our lives to a caretaker reading a bedtime story or trying to finish a novel—be it romance, history or mystery. Storytelling uses words and images [...]

How Will Millennials Transform Organizational Change?

Just another look at the phenomenon of this century—millenials? This one could hold the key to a successful change initiative. As the millennial generation floods the workplace and rises into management roles, change management professionals [...]

Not Another Article on Employee Engagement…5 Expert Views!

Today more than ever, companies are recognizing the critical importance of employee engagement particularly during times of transformation. Research has linked the way an employee feels about his or her job to several crucial business metrics [...]

How Will We Be Communicating Change in the Future?

Wow--Texting, Twitter, Facebook, Intranet, Instagram—has business communication ever changed in the last two decades! What does it mean for change management practitioners whose job it is to support sponsors and leaders in communicating key information [...]

How Executive Coaching Strengthens Business Transformation

Whether your focus is on developing new business practices, implementing new technology or shifting the focus of your company's operations to a new strategy, business transformation is everywhere. Unfortunately, many of these efforts fail, and [...]

Realities of Impactful Sponsorship

As most change management professionals know, sponsors help provide clear direction for company change initiatives. They work to secure project resources and develop management buy-in at all levels of the company. Sometimes sponsors work in project management, and [...]

Practical Dimensions of Change Leadership

Essential to successful change is successful change leadership. Change leadership speaks to a role that can span multiple levels within an organization from executive management and change sponsorship to personal leadership among individual employees. There [...]