In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Brian Gorman interviews Dr. Rachel MK Headley, CEO of Rose Group Int’l (RGI). Rachel loves to diagnose really thorny root-cause issues and create action-based solutions. She is a big picture thinker who loves people and can get seemingly impossible things done. She always wanted to be an astronaut and staged an end-around into the space industry through her work as an operational science officer for the Landsat satellite mission. Today, Rachel takes the lessons she’s learned from working with big budgets and global missions to build high-achieving teams and develop iX (internal experience) Leaders. Rachel works with Meg Manke as a senior partner in RGI and is co-authors with Meg of iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation.

In this installment, we continue from our discussion of Organizational Culture and Culture Types and delve into iX Leadership, High-Five Cultures, Transformations, and more.

Questions Asked:

  1. Let’s begin with the name of your book, iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation. What do you mean by iX Leadership?
  2. What do you mean by a High-Five Culture?
  3. Would you talk briefly about the use of story by iX leaders, and give us an example?
  4. What is the Kurtz Change Transition Model?
  5. Why did you and Meg choose to use it rather than a more familiar one?
  6. How is this model different from other transition models?
  7. QUESTION: Why is it important that the model denotes Let Go as a decision point, rather than a gradual change?
  8. How is the Kurtz Change Transition Model applied to the different culture types