Organizational change expert, Jim Hemerling, calls the present time “the era of always on transformation.” In this TED talk, Hemerling addresses why transformation is so exhausting, and how to fix it.

How do you make organizational transformation empowering and energizing? Hemerling identifies five strategic principles, each of which “puts people first.”

  • Inspire through purpose
  • Go all in
  • Enable people with the capabilities that they need to succeed during the transformation and beyond
  • Instill a culture of continuous learning
  • Leaders need to have vision, a clear roadmap with milestones, and to hold people accountable for results; you need to be not only directive, but also inclusive

What can you do to help turn your organization’s “always on transformations” from exhausting to energizing? How can you—and the leaders you serve—do more to put people first?

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