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Change Management in Today’s Disrupted Work Environment

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In the early days of change management, it was relatively simple: change cascaded from the top down.

No matter how disruptive the change, once it was completed, things would “return to normal.”

Our understanding of organizational change was rudimentary and our methodologies basic.

While our understanding continued to deepen and our methodologies became richer, by 2014, VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) increasingly challenged practitioners to lead change successfully.

The onset of COVID sent the knowledge workforce (and many others) home.

As the call to return to the workplace began in 2021, another disruptive force once again disrupted the work environment.

The Great Resignation (or Great Reshuffling) saw people in unprecedented numbers refusing to return to traditional work environments.

Not only were they calling for greater flexibility in when and where they worked, they were calling for a more empowered voice in the workplace, purpose in the work they were doing, and greater respect from those they worked for.

This panel will explore how change practitioners need to change their approach to change management in today’s disrupted work environment.

Join us for this paradigm-challenging panel discussion and discover answers to questions like:

  • As you look at the workplace from pre-Covid, through Covid, and now into the Great Resignation, what do you see as some of the most critical changes through your own professional lens?
  • Given those changes that you identified in the earlier question, what implications do they have for change practitioners?
  • Comparing today’s work environment with that of pre-Covid, what are some of the best practices in change management that need to be let go of, or significantly modified? If significantly modified, in what ways?
  • What do you see as emerging best practices in change management?
  • Given everything we have been talking about, what are the most important messages for organizational leaders to hear?
  • And much, much more, including your opportunity to ask the panelists your own #1 burning question on this topic!

Meet Your Panelists

Brian Gorman

Managing Editor,
Change Management Review

An ICF Certified Professional Coach, Brian Gorman has served as a consultant, line manager, mentor, and coach for more than 40 years, earning a reputation for helping others successfully implement difficult changes. Brian is also Managing Editor for Change Management Review™ and co-host of its internationally recognized podcast.

Theresa Moulton

Change Management Review™

With more than 25 years of consulting, executive coaching, and business-building experience, Theresa Moulton, Editor-in-Chief of Change Management Review™, has been a guest lecturer and speaker at the IBM Center for Business Value, Babson College, the Organization Design Forum, NICSA, NEHRA, SHRM, and CFO Magazine.

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