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Diversity and Change Management: Engaging Everyone’s Potential

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022
12:00 Noon Eastern / 9:00 AM Pacific

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Transformation is the goal, but how do we do that in a diverse organization?

In this webinar, we will review how achieving change adoption requires much more than completing the steps in your change management roadmap.

Transformation is more about embracing possibilities and creating a culture open to change than it is about technology implementation.

Embracing change happens through effective inclusive leadership, active plans to mitigate disruption, support for sustainability, and a commitment to engage everyone’s potential.

Join us for this cutting-edge discussion and discover answers to questions like:

  • What IS change adoption?
  • Why understanding diversity is fundamental to change adoption
  • What do your employees need to learn?
  • Who do your leaders need to be?
  • What engagements really work?
  • And much, much more, including your opportunity to ask Davis Smith your #1 question on this topic!

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