Influence - The Change Practitioner's Secret Weapon

A Practical Guide

As a Change Practitioner, you can approach every change armed with a robust methodology, a set of proven techniques, and a briefcase full of assessment instruments.

You may be certified in one or more change management approaches, or even hold an advanced degree in change management.

None of that matters if you don’t have influence.

We are not the commanders of change; we are the agents.

No matter how strong our knowledge and skills, they mean nothing without influence.

Influence is our secret weapon.

To be successful we have to understand what it is, and what it isn’t.

We need to know how to build it; who to build it with; and how to wield it.

And, as the Millennial and Gen-Z workforces take deeper and deeper root, we need to know how to influence our organizational leaders to take a step back from command-and-control thinking and step into thinking as influencers.

Doing so will not weaken their leadership.

It will strengthen both their credibility and their influence!

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  • Understand What Influence Is - and how it helps change practitioners and leaders serve as a force for change at multiple levels of an organization
  • Recognize Why Influence is Vital to Your Success as a Change Practitioner - bearing in mind that the amount of influence someone has may not necessarily be dictated by their position on an org chart
  • Learn Who You Need to be Able to Influence - while influence with the sponsors of change remains important, its importance has shifted and grown
  • Gain Insights into How to Build Your Influence - here you will discover four important lenses for building your influence
  • Recognize the Consequences of Not Developing Your Influencing Skills - ask yourself a series of questions that transform your energy so it becomes the energy of change for your clients
  • And much, much more!

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