Triaging the Change Management Project:
What to Do When the Ship is Sinking

A Practical Guide

It happens.

If you have been a change practitioner for any length of time, you have worked on a change initiative that did not deliver on its promise. Too many of the projects that we support come up short, or even sink completely.

What did you do the last time you saw the future of a project and it wasn’t what others expected it to be?

What will you do the next time this occurs?

What can be done to prevent, or at least minimize, the risk of more of your change projects sinking in the future?

The good news is: you now have access to a new map that helps you get your change management ship righted very quickly, when you follow these simple steps.

Claim Your Access to this Change Management Practitioner’s Guide that Helps You:

  • Gauge when to raise the red flag once things begin to go awry – and how doing so helps to foster an atmosphere of trust when done correctly
  • Learn the importance of finding and addressing the root causes of problems, rather than simply reacting to the symptoms
  • Understand why successful change management initiatives must address both the mindsets and the behaviors of the organization and its people
  • Unleash the power of owning mistakes quickly – for both leaders and change management practitioners
  • Avoid the common habit of deferring difficult issues by providing a step-by-step process for breaking through and moving forward
  • Leverage anchors – the values, practices, and beliefs employees can hold onto as a steadying factor while the organization changes
  • Make use of the Triage Quick Reference Guide included with this toolkit

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