In this episode of the Change Management Review Podcast, Lisa McCoy turns the tables and interviews our very own Theresa Moulton, Editor-In-Chief of Change Management Review™ and an experienced change management practitioner.

Lisa and Theresa discuss what’s missing for change management practitioners in today’s environment, and how Change Management Review serves as the vehicle to serve practitioners and the industry as a whole.

Questions Asked:

1. What was your vision as you put pen to paper and created Change Management Review™?
2. What is the most beneficial thing Change Management Review™ offers to practitioners?
3. What are some of the features practitioners will find when they visit the Change Management Review™ website?
4. Where will Change Management Review™ be showing up in the near future – what events and conferences?
5. What sets Change Management Review™ apart from other organizations in the industry and field?
6. Can you tell us more about the Global Directory for Change Management Professionals?
7. Do people who are interested in entering change management seek training and education in their own geographic region?
8. Is the change management practice the same in the United States as it may be in other countries throughout the world?
9. Aside from webinars, podcasts, etc. how else will Change Management Review™ use technology to serve change management consultants and practitioners?
10. What else would you love to share with your listeners?
11. How can change management practitioners get involved with Change Management Review™?

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