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Creating Stability in Chaos: How to Navigate the Extended Neutral Zone of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By |Change Management Articles|

In recent years, the pace of change has continued to increase at a seemingly astounding rate. Advances in technology, increased consumer expectations, and the rise of the social enterprise are [...]

Vertical Development: The Intersection of Change and Leadership

By |Change Management Articles|

Part Two: The Business Imperative "The development of leadership effectiveness, must, at a minimum, keep pace with the rate of change and the rate of escalating complexity." -Anderson & Adams, [...]

Vertical Development: The Intersection of Change and Leadership

By |Change Management Articles|

Part 1: The Complexity Crisis  “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” -Albert Einstein  Of all the ideas I’ve learned and taught in 20 [...]

Organizational Communications in a Time of High Disruption

By |From the Field, Podcasts|

Summary: In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Brian Gorman interviews Keith Kitani – CEO and co-founder of GuideSpark, a change communications software company that enables organizations to [...]

Business Transformation Starts with Transformational Leadership: Part 2

By |Community Contributions|

(Part 1 of this article addressed the importance of leading change and the role of knowledge in the modern workplace.)  Transformational Leaders Are the Key to Improved Performance Transformational leaders [...]

Business Transformation Starts with Transformational Leadership: Part 1

By |Community Contributions|

Leading Change and Knowledge in the Modern Workplace Transformational leaders facilitate collaboration to develop relationships in organizations. Collaboration provides a shared understanding about the current issues and problems among employees, [...]

A People-First Guide to Working from Home

By |Change Management Articles, Profession|

(The following has been generously shared by LOCAL - The Change Marketing™ Agency as a resource to assist change management practitioners and leaders effectively lead through a massive change in [...]

Change Communications and the Coronavirus

By |Building Personal Impact, Change Management Articles|

If there was ever an important time to think in terms of change communication rather than communication in general, now is that time. Even if your business has been operating [...]

Adjusting Your Anchors During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By |Building Personal Impact, Change Management Articles|

For some change practitioners, working from home is the norm; for others it is a new, or at least unusual, experience. While this article is about working from home, it [...]

Change Super-Charged: Responding to the Coronavirus

By |Building Personal Impact, Change Management Articles, Profession|

In Healthcare Trends: Coronavirus and Pandemic-Related Change, Prosci’s Janice Epp brings a change management lens to the healthcare industry’s response to the coronavirus. While a few of her messages are [...]