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The Challenge of Change Management in Remote Workplaces (And How to Navigate It)

By |Community Contributions|

Have you ever needed to learn something very quickly and then suddenly teach it to others? What if your job depended on it? What if the stakes were as high [...]

Managing Radical Change Through Adaptive Leadership

By |Change Management Articles|

Over the past decade, the pace of change has increased ten-fold. The past few months have flipped our lives upside down. This incredibly volatile and uncertain environment has undermined the [...]

The Application and Impact of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence on Change Management – Part 1

By |Community Contributions|

Intelligent Change Management Intelligence is the highest value we can get from data. To bring intelligence into Change Management, we need to have information about current and desired (future) states, [...]

How to Overcome Culture Antibodies that Reject Change, With Dana Houston Jackson

By |From the Field Podcast Series, Podcasts|

In this podcast, Change Management Review Editor-In-Chief Theresa Moulton interviews Dana Houston Jackson. In her role as Senior Change Advisor at 1898 & Co. (a division of Burns & McDonnell), [...]

What Being an “Authentic Leader” Means

By |Community Contributions|

The origins and foundations of authenticity are rooted in ancient Greek history where philosophers are known for moral injunctions such as ‘know thyself’ and ‘to thine own self be true’. [...]

Vertical Development: The Intersection of Change and Leadership

By |Change Management Articles|

“Every company needs transformational leaders—those who spearhead changes that elevate profitability, expand market share, and change the rules of the game in their industry. But few executives understand the unique [...]

Behavioural Science and Communicating Through the Change Curve

By |Community Contributions|

The concept of the change curve isn’t new. However, with COVID-19 changing the way employees are working and businesses are functioning, it is relevant to businesses right now. As peoples’ [...]

Vertical Development: The Intersection of Change and Leadership

By |Change Management Articles|

One of life's most persistent and urgent questions is...What are you doing for others? ~Martin Luther King, Jr. Part Five: The Postconventional Stages  Have you ever met someone who stood [...]

Vertical Development: The Intersection of Change and Leadership

By |Change Management Articles|

"Most leaders already know what they should be doing. What they lack is the personal development to do so." -Nick Petrie, Center for Creative Leadership Part Four: Breaking Down Vertical [...]

A People-First Guide to Working from Home

By |Change Management Articles, Profession|

(The following has been generously shared by LOCAL - The Change Marketing™ Agency as a resource to assist change management practitioners and leaders effectively lead through a massive change in [...]