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The Silent Stakeholder, With Tricia Steege

By |From the Field Podcast Series|

What we don’t know about our employees may be one of the keys to why so many of our change initiatives fail to deliver on their promises. In this episode [...]

The Silent Stakeholder: Why Trauma Needs to Be Considered When Planning Change

By |Community Contributions|

As an organization change strategist who has been working with clients for the past 30 years to help roll out new technologies or install new post-merger cultures, I’ve seen millions [...]

Facilitating Breakthrough, With Adam Kahane

By |Meet the Expert Podcast Series|

In his forward to Adam Kahane’s book Facilitating Breakthrough, Edgar Schein writes, “The key to this book is the second word in its title: breakthrough. With powerful stories from around [...]

Organizational Ecology, With Joan Lurie

By |From the Field Podcast Series|

Joan Lurie, CEO of Orgonomix (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) joins Managing Editor Brian Gorman in this exploration of change management through a very different lens. Approaching organizations as ecosystems and sub-systems, [...]

Shifting the Three Fundamental Elements of Culture Will Create a New Environment

By |Community Contributions|

Nothing stops the change process in its tracks like hearing: “Our culture won’t allow us to do that.” Though the words are simple — often uttered reflexively with little thought [...]

Change Practitioners in a Changing World, With Meighan (Meg) Newhouse

By |From the Field Podcast Series|

In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Brian Gorman interviews Meighan (Meg) Newhouse – CEO and Co-Founder, Inspirant Group, home of the #Unconsultants who guide clients from inspiration [...]

20 Over 20

By |Community Contributions|

Over 20 years, clients across a range of industries have allowed me to be their partner in driving change across their organizations. At the end of nearly every project, I [...]

Positive Affirmation and the Japanese Philosophy of Kintsugi Can Help with Your Change Project

By |Change Management Articles|

The ancient Japanese art form and philosophy known as Kintsugi may help provide insight on how to deal with rapid and accelerating change. Roughly translated, Kintsugi means “Golden Seams” or [...]

The Future State of Change Management with Design Thinking

By |Change Management Articles|

Last week, I introduced Design Thinking as the mindset shift needed to successfully guide organizations through the changes caused by the wicked problems they face. This week, we look at [...]

The Application and Impact of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence on Change Management – Part 2

By |Change Management Articles|

In part 1 we addressed the concept of intelligent change management. We then began an analysis of the intelligent framework and the application of data science and AI, starting with [...]