In this episode of the Change Management Review™ Podcast, Theresa Moulton interviews author, speaker, and change management consultant Paul Gibbons. His most recent book, “The Science of Organizational Change,” has been hailed as the most important book on change in 15 years. Between writing projects, he consults, coaches, and speaks with businesses such as Microsoft, Google, HSBC, KPMG, and Comcast.

In this unique, wide-ranging interview, Paul shares insights based on his 25 years’ helping business leaders use science and philosophy to make better strategic decisions, implement change, innovate, change culture, and create workplaces where talent flourishes.

Questions Asked:

  1. What led you, after 25 years’ experience in change management, to write “The Science of Organizational Change?”
  2. During that time, what have you’ve seen that has changed the most, and what hasn’t changed at all, in the field of organizational change?
  3. Where do you think the change management industry needs to go now?
  4. What is evidence-based management, and how does it impact organizational change?
  5. With fewer people entering the change management industry, what is happening to all the tacit knowledge that’s been created over the past 25-30 years? What needs to happen in order to preserve it?
  6. Can you give us a preview of your next book, called “Truth Wars” and how it may or may not link to organizational change?

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