In this episode of the Change Management Review™ “From the Field” Series, Managing Editor Brian Gorman interviews Stephen W. Maye – a business leader and change agent with experience leading diverse teams across north America and Asia-Pacific. He is the co-creator and chief integrator of the Change Execution Methodology (CEM) for business transformation that is used by Fortune 500 companies. Stephen is a contributing author to “Project Pain Reliever – A Just-In-Time Handbook for Anyone Managing Projects, and is the host of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) global podcast series, “Projectified with PMI.”

In this in-depth interview, Stephen focuses on the importance of trust in change management, with emphasis on defining and building trust as well as “what you do” and “how you show up” during change.

Questions Asked:

  1. How do you define “trust?”
  2. Why is trust important for change practitioners?
  3. Who needs to trust whom during change (C-Suite, change practitioners, front line workers, etc.)?
  4. How does one build trust?
  5. What role does “what you do” and “how you show up” play in trust?
  6. Why are you, as a change practitioner, so interested in the topic of trust?

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