By Published On: October 23rd, 2017

As change practitioners, this LinkedIn post provides perspective on two important topics: the top challenges facing our organizations’ leaders over the next five years, and the skills they need to address them.

On the challenge side, Paul Petrone identifies the market; the talent market (both recruiting and learning); and maintaining personal wellness. Both the dynamics of the market and the changing workforce increase the need for our skills as our clients work to address shifting demands. For those of us who serve as trusted advisors to leaders, we should not hesitate to ensure that we are intentionally supporting their commitment to personal wellness.

Petrone interviewed business leaders to identify the skills required to address these challenges. They are:

  1. Purpose: Finding and maintaining a sense of purpose, and infusing that throughout the company
  2. Empowering Employees: “The best people today want ownership over their roles, purpose in their work and learning opportunities to advance their career.”
  3. A bias for learning: The future is unpredictable, but will continue to be driven by change; learning is required to continue adapting and to continue adapting the company.
  4. Social media: Having a presence allows communication of the purpose, and the brand, both internally and in the market; social media is increasingly the communication medium of the workforce.

Leaders who embody these skills are going to continue driving change…in themselves, in their leadership teams, and throughout their organizations. Again, wherever we are in the organization, our role is one of support for the success of those changes. And again, for those who are practicing at the senior levels, our role is to ensure that our clients know, and continue to develop, these skills.–master-these-4-sk

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